Who we are

Daniel and Jeanie Ough

Formerly of Dubai, now living in Australia, Daniel and Jeanie Ough are the founders of Jobsearchhelp4u, a service for people who are faced with a career challenge, job loss or job uncertainty.   

They have worked with hundreds of people face to face, and thousands more through the media, who had lost their job or wanted to make a career change. 

For the past eight years they have been volunteers.


Daniel Ough . . . 

A Chartered Engineer who has worked in over 20 countries in senior engineering positions in the private and public sector.

Daniel is a hands-on executive and career coach who thrives on helping people at all levels succeed.

He draws from a career that spans 40 years and from his multicultural experience as an expat in the Far East, West Indies and the Middle East.

Daniel was actively involved in career coaching in Dubai for seven years and founded Sandpiper Coaching.

While in Dubai he was the careers columnist and feature writer for the Gulf News’ "Friday Magazine" for five years and was a regular guest presenter on career-related issues for Dubai Eye and Radio 2 call-in shows and featured on City 7 TV and "Quest Means Business" on the CNN television network.


Jeanie Ough . . .

Practiced law in the USA for over 25 years.

Jeanie also worked for the Dubai office of a global law firm where her responsibilities included recruitment, appraisals, support staff management and supervision, and facilities management.

Jeanie later joined Sandpiper Coaching, where she served as a career coach.

With her husband Daniel, Jeanie was a contributing author for the book, "Working in the Gulf," published by Explorer Publishing.