What we do


- offers coaching and workshops that provide


        Knowledge – The need for “career readiness”


        Help – Practical tools for a successful job search


        Hope – Facing career challenges with confidence



From our experience in working with people who are faced with a career challenge, job loss or job uncertainty,  we have found that it is vital to be career ready with an up-to-date CV/resume,  good networking skills and effective interviewing techniques.  



We provide help through online workshops which address the skills needed for an effective job search. 

We offer the following online workshops: 

·      Preparing an Effective CV/Resume and Cover Letter

·      Networking to Find a Job

·      The Fundamentals of Interviewing for a Job

·      Career Readiness - Facing any Career Challenge with Confidence 


We provide coaching to help you find Hope by understanding how to face your career challenges with confidence and achieve positive outcomes. 

We offer coaching in the following areas:

·      Coping with the loss of a job

·      Managing a period of unemployment

·      Changing careers

·      Facing career challenges and opportunities with confidence