Daniel and Jeanie are amazing professional and knowledgeable people. They have multiple skills and abilities to help people through career coaching. I gained a great amount of knowledge and a great deal of confidence as they helped me navigate areas in my job search. I simply feel completely blessed to have had the privilege of being fully supported and educated in areas such as job readiness, resume writing and networking by these incredible people. Debra Burford 

It has been such a great encouragement and privilege to know Jeanie and Daniel through their services. Through them, I have witnessed God’s love, a good example to me as in what would it be to be Christ-like.  Both are so willingly using their time to assist myself and anyone in their process of looking for the next job opportunities.  When I have one on one session with Jeanie, Jeanie would be so precise and explain things with me. I have learned so much from Daniel and Jeanie during this process. Whenever I am in doubt of anything, I know that they are always available to share their thoughts with me. Even though I am still in the journey of finding my next opportunity, I know they will always be there for me. Ching Liow

Daniel and Jeanie are very professional and generous. Their information is up to date, concise, and very useful. The workshops are not only useful for job searching, but also for general knowledge. Their top ten interview questions are gold! I would not hesitate to recommend them unreservedly to anyone seeking to further their career prospects, or to land that dream job when it pops up. Thank you both for all your time and effort. Tom Oataway

I so appreciated the time and thought that Jeanie and Daniel put in to getting to know me and helping me put together my CV, covering letter and application. After many years working overseas as a volunteer it was difficult for me to see how those skills and experiences were transferable to the western work place but Jeanie helped me to express my skills and experiences in a concise and understandable way. So encouraging and empowering. The workshops were very practical, relevant and helpful. Thank you for your time.  Susie Varley

I am thankful to God for Daniel and Jeanie for their gracious assistance, encouragement and valuable advice. Having applied for jobs for months without receiving any calls, when I joined the Oughs' program I felt accepted and understood. They did not present job-seeking skills as 'merely for graduates', but also for people like me who have worked for quite a number of years and have not exercised job-seeking skills for a long time.  Anonymous

Daniel and Jeanie are genuine in their efforts to help others. I can’t recommend them enough. AE

Daniel and Jeanie are excellent career coaches who teach, guide and equip you to be career ready, but also give you the extra push that you need. They are experts in their field who will help you see clearly what your obstacles and barriers are and help you work through them. Amy

The seminars provide an important perspective on the challenges faced in searching for work. The reality is that searching for work is a fulltime job. Important skills are given, in particular how to write a CV that is easy to understand and will stand out among other CVs.  EH

I highly recommend Daniel and Jeanie Ough’s services to anyone seeking to find another job as they are professional, proven, encouraging and supportive. Kendall Morris

Daniel and Jeanie provide an amazing service, the workshops and articles on the website are a great help over the full job search journey. The CV review service that Jeanie provided transformed my CV into a concise selling document and also helped clarify my achievements which also helped my interview performance. The tips on interview preparation were critical in securing my new role in this difficult environment. Moses Borland

What clients are saying. . .

Going through transition is like a roller coaster ride, some great times of enjoyment, but also challenging times of uncertainty. Having the opportunity to work with both Daniel and Jeanie on getting my resume spot on was just the beginning. What truly differentiates them from others in their field is their encouraging, empathetic and prayerful approach to supporting me through a, at times, difficult period. Their service at Jobsearchhelp4u is a great encouragement to me, and one I’m truly thankful to God for providing.   Timothy Chen

The services and support that Daniel and Jeanie provide through Jobsearch4u are exceptional. Their dedication and commitment is only second to their knowledge and experience which is shared and delivered in a friendly and engaging manner.  Daniel and Jeanie work effectively as a team, and individually to enhance your opportunities to taking that next step in your career.  I am very grateful for their support and would fully endorse their services.  JJ 

Jeanie and Daniel very generously share their wealth of experience in a personal and motivational way - their recipe works.  Eric Ballieux

Working with Daniel and Jeanie has given me the confidence in finding a job and to be able to present my skills in a way that will capture the attention of the recruiter. The knowledge and experience they have and the care and thought they have given to help me be prepared for job applications and interviews and networking has been worth more than the thousands of dollars one of my previous employers paid for a employment specialist to help with job transition after I was made redundant.  Ben T.

 The services provided by Jobsearchhelp4u were very useful and insightful. I found the 1 on 1 career coaching particularly beneficial. It was useful looking at my work and life views and seeing where I should go from here. I would highly recommend Jobsearchhelp4u to anyone wanting to explore their career options and future. Anonymous

Daniel and Jeanie have a wealth of experience and wisdom in the area of recruitment and job readiness. Their workshops on resume writing, networking and interview skills were particularly helpful to me and assisted me in a really tough environment to stand out and be shortlisted for senior roles. I heartily commend their services and thank them for their help. Gabriel Lacoba

Daniel and Jeanie were an amazing help in rethinking my career options. They gave a realistic picture on how much time it would take to find a new role, how important networking is and how to write a resume that will connect with recruiters and employers. Their vast experience in this area and their genuine concern to help was an incredible blessing to me. I commend them to you without reserve. Tom Tokura

I really enjoyed my time spent with Daniel and Jeanie! I really appreciate their support and insights, they definitely helped me find my current job which has been great. I recommend them to anyone looking for a job of all experience levels. Stephen Djoeandy

When I came to Jeanie and Daniel, I wanted someone to guide me with the resume and cover sheet preparation. They not only helped me through the work shop, but was able to meet me one on one to correct my resume and gave ideas on how to apply the job requirements to customise my cover letter. Daniel also spent time with me to prepare for interviews, which helped me to build my confidence in facing the interview and to interact easily with the interviewer. From not being able to have anyone contact me for interviews, I was able to secure multiple job offers, thanks to your team. Thank you for your help and I wish you the best with helping others. Judy Theva

Daniel and Jeanie have been such an encouragement to me in my difficult times. Not only do they offer such insightful and helpful workshops and feedback, but they are also willingly sacrificing their time to serve others in a Christ-like loving way. I thank God for them and highly recommend their service to all who face challenges in searching for work. Thank you both for all your time and effort. Rayo L

I would like to thank you for all your effort and what you have taught me.  What you have taught me has been life changing in the way I see the world, you have made me see my self-worth, something I was beginning to lose.

 My wife had heard your ad on Hope [radio] which is how I had found you, it was at a time I had missed out on a job I really wanted. I was searching for where I go from there and you both helped me find the way and taught me how to look deep inside myself and identify who I am, what I want and what I have to offer a potential employer.

 It was then I realised that job I wanted, wasn't really what I was looking for. I completed all the work you gave me, updated my resume and applied for my first job . . .

[The same day] I was contacted about [a] previous job I wanted, [and] I was asked back for another interview.  Upon arriving I offered my potential employer my revised resume; he looked at it and made the comment, "Now this is the sort of resume I want to see." After around a 15-minute conversation I was offered the role . . . 

That same afternoon I already had an interview scheduled with another company. I chose not to cancel it on such short notice, the interview went well (from the interview techniques your course has taught me) and they requested my references at the conclusion of the interview.

 I cannot thank you both enough; looking forward to starting work again tomorrow. AJ

Thanks for helping me in job finding. After getting the advice from both of you in resume writing.I have been called for many interviews. Dedicated and professional service by both helped me immensely in facing the interviews. Additionally I also went to the the website to learn practice interviewing skills which taught me how to face an interview in a professional manner. I sincerely thank both for their guidance and their service.  C.A. Augustine 

Until I met Jeanie and Daniel, I had a massive problem in trying to market myself and target employers and how to apply for those elusive roles. Having extensive qualifications and experience - how to sell this. Jeanie is very understanding but pragmatic and her solutions ae both productive and effective. I now can apply for roles from a more targeted perspective. I highly recommend Daniel and Jeanie as they as genuine and will help you if you help yourself and they treat everyone with respect and dignity.  SK

Let me begin by saying thank you to the Ough's.  Not only did they prove to be an invaluable Career Coach, but they were also a mentor, friend and confidant during what was a very difficult period in my professional life - finding a job during a time of recovering from COVID-19. 

How could someone who did not know me be able to help me market myself better than I could do it on my own? Regardless of my past achievements nothing really had prepared me for the job search I needed to undertake. The competiton online is tough! . . . The search during this season has to be focused, strategic and personal. The Oughs addressed all of these things in an encouraging, engaging, and skillful manner . . . 

I highly recommend the Oughs as a coach and confidant. . . If you are looking for a plan and coaches to grow through a career change, the Oughs are your best bet! - Jennifer Marie, Dubai,UAE

Daniel and Jeanie have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to help with the transition period. Their workshops helped me develop a lot of skills in job seeking and stand out while looking for a job as even a fresh graduate. Thank you again Daniel and Jeanie for your time, effort, and help! I have learned so much from you guys and thank you for demonstrating God's love through your work. I highly recommend jobsearchhelp4u to anyone who just graduated or is seeking their career options!!  VH

I'm so grateful for finding Jobsearchhelp4u. Daniel was so helpful, Jeanie was such a gem, she gave me particular help and was so patient, it's lovely to work with them. They have supported me with my resume. They provide a very well-organized and progressive workshop with solutions to find a job, and at the first workshop I participate in, I learned how to think about my own career and how to build a resume to pursue it. Now I feel highly comfortable and confident to apply for a position in my field. I strongly recommend having a trial on their workshops and immersing yourself in this journey, I'm sure you won't regret it. PB

It was a fantastic opportunity to be part of this team with Daniel and Jeanie. I could learn so many things that I did not have a clue before, even about my self, how capable and skilled I am, was just not seeing that. They helped me so much, and my biggest achievement was on my resume.

Before updating it I was applying and not getting any answer back.  As soon as Jeanie helped me and we worked on it together, I got a call on the first day. It was a great satisfaction for my professional life.

Thank you again Daniel and Jeanie, I hope you keep helping many other as you both did with me, we need you! TS

Jeanie & Daniel have a wealth of experience in assisting people in pursuing and obtaining the right roles in relation to their skills and interests.

 Jeanie was able to draw information out of me pertaining to my own skills which I had not considered, and assisted me greatly in putting this information together in a presentable and interesting way on my CV.

 They also gave me a valuable insight into the perspective of the interviewer and how to best present my application so as to catch the attention of a potential employer.

Thank you so much to you both for your time and expertise.   NA

Daniel, Jeanie and Tracey were a wonderful, complementary team who were so generous at a time when I really needed it. They showed grace and understanding when I needed to be heard and supported as I transitioned out of a difficult employment and life period and sought to change industries. Their tried and proven methodology gave me not just a redesigned CV (which I desperately needed!) but also reassurance, validation, tools and encouragement to keep moving forward. Having people back you and believe in your capacity is half the battle. I owe them a gratitude of debt for their generosity, and we owe it to each other to pay that forward. KM

Jeanie and Daniel are an awesome, experienced, and very caring team.  In my 25 years of seeking employment I rank them as the best team I have worked with – this applies across 3 continents!  I am most grateful for their way and for their systematic approach; I learned heaps! Stefano Cavaglila